How to Fix a Samsung Instinct Stuck in Headset Mode

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Restore your phone to normal function once you're done with Headset mode.
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When you plug a set of headphones into your Samsung Instinct's audio jack, it automatically goes into Headset mode. This allows you to conveniently accept business calls without using your hands, so you can drive safely or file paperwork while conducting a conference call. Occasionally, however, Headset mode may remain on even after you remove the headphones from the jack. There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot this problem.


Step 1

Insert the headphone cable into the Instinct's audio jack, allow it to sit undisturbed for several seconds, and then remove it slowly. Perform this step several times, and then test to see if Headset mode has been disengaged.

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Step 2

Aim the beam of a pen flashlight into the headphone jack to see if the tip of your headphone's connector prong is broken off in the jack. If it is, bend a paper clip so that a long, thin piece of it protrudes. Turn the phone's power off to avoid the risk of electrocution.


Step 3

Insert the tip of the paper clip gently into the jack and depress the small metal flange that is holding the tip in place. Tilt the phone on its side and allow the tip to fall out. Power on your phone and test if Headset mode has been disengaged.

Step 4

Restore your Instinct's factory settings to override Headset mode. From the home screen, tap "Menu | Settings | Reset | Reset Settings."



Step 5

Note the lock code that appears on your phone's screen after touching "Reset Settings." Select "Proceed," and then type in the lock code when it is requested.

Step 6

Press "Done" to complete the restoration. Once your phone restarts, test to see if Headset mode has been disengaged.




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