Parrot Bluetooth Instructions

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Parrot Bluetooth devices can be used in your car.

Parrot makes different Bluetooth devices including hands-free systems for your car, and wireless speakers to use with your audio player. Using one of Parrot's Bluetooth devices is simple to do.



Pair your phone or audio player with your Parrot device by going into the Bluetooth menu of your device and selecting "Add a device" from the options. Select your Parrot hands-free kit or speaker system from the options that appear and when prompted, enter the pairing code for your Parrot device (found on the device itself) to connect the two.


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Power Up

Whenever your phone or audio player is powered on and within range of your Parrot device, they can be used together. The hands-free kit will display an on-screen prompt asking if you would like to use it with your phone or player. In the case of speakers, your audio player or phone will ask if you would like to use the speaker system.



Stay in Range

Bluetooth only has a range of 30 feet, so keep your phone or audio player within 30 feet of the Parrot device you are trying to use with it to ensure the two stay connected and communicate with each other.




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