Pinnacle Studio Audio Not in Sync

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Edit video so the audio stays in sync.

Pinnacle Studio is a lighter, home-based editing program from the industry-leading Avid editing company. However, you are able to perform just about any feature you may desire with the system. While editing a video you may notice the audio become out of sync with the video. This is a project setting issue that you can only correct by changing the project frame rate setting.


Step 1

Determine what frame rate you used to record the programming. Most video cameras record at 30 fps (frames per second), although some have a feature that records at 23.94 fps or 24 fps. It is extremely helpful if you know the exact frame rate of the video.

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Step 2

Open Pinnacle Studio and the project settings load when first starting up a new project. Title the project and select the frame rate you recorded the video in. If you are not sure, make your best guess and click "OK."


Step 3

Drag a longer video file down to the timeline. You need a longer video to test out the frame rate, as it takes several seconds before you know if the audio is out of sync.

Step 4

Click on the left side of the timeline, then press spacebar to play the video file. If the audio becomes out of sync, you know you have the wrong frame rate selected.

Step 5

Eject out of the project and start a new one. Choose a different frame rate and repeat the same process. Continue doing this until you have the correct fps selected (this is why it is extremely import to know what your frame rate is when recording).