Problems With Bose Headphones

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Bose headphones let you enjoy music privately.
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Bose headphones earn excellent reviews from websites and magazines such as CNET and PCMag, but that does not make them immune to occasional problems. When you use your Bose nose-canceling or in-ear headphones, you may notice strange sounds, poor-quality sound or other issues. Often, you can fix most of these problems yourself.


Battery Problems

Some Bose headphones require a special battery, including the Bose QuietComfort 3 acoustic noise-canceling headphones. The included battery fits inside the left ear cup; when you turn the headphones on, it activates noise reduction. If you turn on the headphones but hear no noise reduction, charge the battery. Low battery power also causes low-quality noise reduction or a crackling noise. If the charger indicator light flashes, remove the battery from the headphones for 10 seconds and then replace it. You may need to get a new battery from Bose if your battery does not hold a charge.


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Sound Problems

If you hear a low rumbling noise when you wear noise-canceling headphones, the ear cups may not fit correctly on your ears. Adjust the ear cups so they fit snugly over each ear. If you still hear rumbling, check for dust or other debris inside the ear cups. If you hear too much bass with in-ear headphones, check your music player or other audio device for a bass boost feature. If it is on, turn it off. Signal-altering features on your audio device may also cause sound quality problems. Always connect your headphones to your audio device's headphone jack. Do not connect them to the "line out" jack. You cannot hear any sound through the "line out" jack.


Other Earcup and Eartip Problems

Bose noise-canceling headphones feature detachable ear cup cushions. If you remove one, or if it falls off, position the detached cushion over the ear cup. Align the cushion's two holes with the ear cup's two posts, and then push the two pieces together. Press around the edge of the cushion to snap it in place.


Bose in-ear headphones come with three pairs of ear tips. If an ear tip falls off, or if you need to replace it, line up the triangle on the ear tip with the triangle on the plastic part of the headphone. Press down to insert and secure the ear tip.

Bluetooth Headset Problems

If you have trouble pairing your Bose Bluetooth headset and your cellphone, ensure that your phone's Bluetooth function is turned on. While wearing the Bluetooth headset, stand within 33 feet of the phone. Press the "Call" button on the headset to put it in discoverable mode. If you experience poor call sound quality, move away from potential interference, such as a microwave, wireless router or cordless phone. You may also experience poor sound if you have too many Bluetooth applications running on the phone. If you need to reset the headset completely, hold down the "Volume" and "Call" buttons together for five seconds.