How to Restore Deleted Text Messages

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There are many reasons a person may want to restore deleted text messages. Whether you accidentally deleted a message that contained important information, or if you need to monitor your child's cell phone to ensure they are not sending inappropriate messages, there are resources that can help you recover the information. In order to recover the text messages, your mobile device must contain a SIM card. The SIM card is a small electronic card that stores all of your phone usage data.


Step 1

Determine whether or not your phone has a SIM card installed. You can tell whether or not you have a SIM card installed by removing the back of your phone and looking underneath the battery. Many of the smart phones, such as the iPhone and Blackberry, as well as Verizon and Sprint cell phones do not utilize SIM cards. If you are unsure of whether or not your phone has a SIM card, contact your mobile provider and provide them with the model of your phone.


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Step 2

Purchase a device that has been created to recover information that is located on SIM cards. Devices that are on the market that will allow you to recover lost or deleted data from your cards include the SIMCon, SIM Recovery Pro and Paraben's SIM Seizure Spy. Some of the devices can be purchased for under $100 as of 2009, while others may cost a little more.


Step 3

Install the software for the SIM card reader onto your computer by inserting the CD that came with the device into your CD-ROM drive. Allow the installation to complete before removing the CD.

Step 4

Remove the SIM card from your mobile device. Place the SIM card inside of the SIM card reader. The SIM card reader looks like a USB flash drive.


Step 5

Insert the SIM card reader into the USB port of your computer while the SIM card is still in place.

Step 6

Open the icon that appears on your desktop for the SIM card reader. Select the option to restore the deleted text messages. If you like you can print out the deleted text messages. Some of the SIM card readers will also offer you the option of transferring the deleted text messages to another SIM card.


Step 7

Remove the SIM card reader from your USB port when you have finished restoring the deleted text messages. Remove the SIM card from the reader and place the SIM card back inside of your mobile device.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card reader

  • SIM card reader software

  • CD-ROM drive