Sony Projection TV Troubleshooting

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So you're having problems with your Sony projection television. Sony projection televisions have limited problems, and there's really only a handful of things that could be wrong with them. There are a few things that can go wrong with any television, and then two that are specific to Sonys.


Is the TV on?

If your television is not turning on, check the plug. If it is plugged in, try temporarily plugging it directly into the wall if it is plugged into a surge protector. If that does not work, check to ensure the wire has no damage. If you've been using the remote, try turning it on directly on the unit.


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If the TV doesn't seem to be quite turning all the way on ...

This problem is specific to Sony projection televisions. Many units have a light near the bottom front that blinks while the television is warming up, then goes solid when the picture comes on. Sometimes this light never solidifies, and nothing happens. The solution is simple; unplug the television completely and let it sit for a few minutes. Then plug it back in and turn it back on.


If the TV is on but there's no picture ...

When the television turns on, usually some sort of writing or picture will appear. If your TV is "all the way on" but nothing appears, your projection lamp has most likely burned out. This is the bulb inside the television that projects your image, and these burn out with roughly 2,000 hours of use. You can order another one directly from the Sony website; it will come with easy install manuals.


If the TV is on, there is a picture, but no signal ...

If this is the case, you will see something akin to "Video 5" on the screen, which indicates which mode the television is in, but there will be no other picture. Check the wires that lead to your DVD player, receiver, cable box or whatever other unit you are trying to use. If that doesn't work, try another source to isolate the problem.


If your TV has no sound ...

Turn up the volume, then mute and unmute. If that doesn't work, turn the television off and back on again. Finally, see the previous section about wiring.