The Advantages of Email Over Snail Mail

Two different options to send and receive information are email and snail mail. Snail mail is the method by which the post office physically delivers mail. Email or electronic mail utilizes a computer and Internet connection to send a message to another person who has the ability to access that message. While many people still prefer to send items through the post office utilizing snail mail, email has several advantages over snail mail both for the sender and the recipient.

Snail mail is the method by which the post office physically delivers mail.

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The process of sending a message via email is quicker than snail mail. While it usually takes several days for an item to arrive in a person's physical mail box, one sent through email can normally arrive within a few minutes. Email can be sent to anyone in the world just as quickly as sending the message to someone locally or in the same country.


Although many people don't mind dropping items off in a mailbox or at the post office, email enables people to send messages and information at the touch of a button from whatever location they are presently at. Email messages can be sent 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Business users benefit because messages can be sent to co-workers and other businesses whether the recipient is out of the office or on the phone. Email recipients enjoy the convenience of answering the messages in their own time frame.

Different Types of Information Can Be Sent and Received

Many different types of information can be sent via email including letters, messages, pictures, data files, articles and videos to name a few. Email can be especially important to the business worker when collaborating on information with another person, revising text between two or more people or even emailing important documents that require signatures from the recipient. Pictures and video files can be shared without having to make copies of the originals.

Queries Can Be Made Cost Effectively

Email is preferred over snail mail when needing to obtain information from many different sources to make important decisions. Whether you are a prospective employee inquiring about openings in companies or a student searching for the perfect fit through a college or university, email is a cost effective way to obtain this information. Since sending and receiving email can be free (especially if you use a local library and free email provider), snail mail can be expensive when figuring in copying and postage costs.

Privacy and Security

Email is private unless the sender or recipient choose to share their email address with others. Receiving information through snail mail involves some risk that another person may open the contents of the package before you are able to. The email industry continues to develop tighter security levels, and there is less risk that the original message will get lost in the shuffle as can happen with snail mail.

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