How to Transfer Cell Phone Photos to a Computer

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Transfer and store your cell phone photos onto your computer.

Cell phones double as digital cameras. In 2011, just about every cell phone can take pictures, and most can take live video. Transferring those photos (and video) off of your cell phone is just as easy as transferring the photos off of your digital camera. Once on your computer, manipulate your photos with your photo editing software and share with your family and friends.


Step 1

Turn on your computer and allow it to boot up.

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Step 2

Grab your cell phone and plug the USB cable into the slot on your phone.

Step 3

Plug the USB cable into your computer. The slot to enter the USB is usually either on the side and/or back of your computer.


Step 4

Enter your cell phone's password on your phone to unlock your phone (if necessary), and activate your phone's USB storage drive. Usually a notification pops up on your phone allowing you to turn on your USB storage directly from the notification window.

Step 5

Click to open the pop-up window that appears on your computer as a disc drive.



Step 6

Locate your phone's storage folder. It might be labeled Blackberry or iPhone, or it might be a Google or Android disk drive. Click on your phone's storage folder to open it and view the contents.

Step 7

Locate your phone's folder that is usually labeled "Camera" or "Pictures." The folder's name will vary depending on your phone's model. This folder might be a sub-folder to a main one, so browse until you find it.

Step 8

Drag and drop your cell phone photos onto your desktop, or create a folder to drag your pictures into.



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