Troubleshooting an LG LCD TV

LCD TVs are the highest-selling type of flat panel HDTV today, providing crystal-clear video and audio for a great viewing experience. LG is one of the leading manufacturers of LCD TVs, with models built to last for years with the right handling. Still, every product can have its share of glitches from time to time. Learning a few steps to troubleshoot your unit can prevent panic, stress and maybe even an expensive service call.


The best place to start if the TV is not working correctly is to check the connections. See that the power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet or surge protector and that the cables from the components (cable/satellite receiver box, DVD player, etc.) are also connected well and to the recommended inputs. If the set powers itself off, check the power control settings--it may be set to turn off if it receives no signal for 15 minutes, or the sleep timer may have been set. If the remote control is unresponsive, check the batteries and replace them if necessary.


If the TV powers on, but there is no picture or sound, and the connections are all secure, check the location and direction of the antenna being used. See that the TV is set to the correct channel and that the cable or satellite receiver box is also on; try changing channels to see if one may have lost its signal. Try the TV with a different input setting and component as well. Remember that it is normal for the picture to appear slowly and to be muted briefly at start-up. If the picture is shaky, move any devices or objects that may be causing interference. If there is no picture when using the HDMI connection, ensure that the cable supports HDMI version 1.3.

Picture Settings

If the picture is a bit off, press Menu > Picture to adjust the various video settings--brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, etc., either manually or with the Picture Wizard. Select "Advance Control" for even more specific picture adjustments or select "Picture Reset" to have the settings revert back to factory defaults. Change the aspect ratio to remove the black bars from the top and bottom of the screen or from both sides, or to choose other advanced picture size settings.

Other Issues

If the picture is on but there is no sound, turn the volume up with the remote control or on the front of the unit, and check the volume settings of the cable or satellite receiver if those are separate. Try another channel or component to see if the problem may lie there. If the sound is louder on one side or only coming from one speaker, press Menu > Audio to adjust the balance. Use the same menu to change other audio settings, and see that the TV speaker is not set to "Off" if there is no sound at all. Consult the owner's manual for your particular model for further settings, terms and tips, and visit LG's website for customer and technical support.