Uses for Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is a robust word-processing program that can assist with projects ranging from the small office memo to a complex academic dissertation. The program comes standard with the Microsoft Office suite of home and small business products.


Business Letter in Word

Microsoft Word enables you to create a range of correspondence from a simple office memo to mail-merged form letters with hundreds of addresses. Special programming in the software senses when you are typing a business letter and will pop up a guide to help format the letter correctly.


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Desktop Publishing

Newsletter in Word

With a variety of format and layout commands, Microsoft Word can manipulate text around objects, add colors and borders with point-and-click ease and divide a page into multiple columns just like a desktop publishing program. Custom graphics can be imported to a document from external files or created with drawing tools inside Word.



Label Wizard

Microsoft Word comes with pre-defined templates for dozens of adhesive label sizes or you can customize your own by entering the label measurements. A special label "wizard" walks you through creating a new sheet of labels and printing them on your printer.




Envelope Created in Word

Envelopes can be created or Word can read a letter you have typed in the program, collect the address information and automatically create a matching envelope. An address bar code can be added to the envelope to assist with mailing.



Templates in Word

Microsoft Word comes with a number of templates to help you design different documents such as resumes or invitations, but you also can create your own templates in Word if you there is a type of document you reuse often such as a letterhead, invoice or monthly report.