What Happens If I Cannot Be There to Accept a FedEx Signature?

At the time of publication, FedEx offers three signature options: Indirect Signature Required, Direct Signature Required and Adult Signature Required. The shipper chooses from any one of these options. However, in some cases, no one may be present to sign for the package. In this case, FedEx offers different options for you to be able to receive your package.

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If you can't sign for a FedEx package because you're at work, you still have options.
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Driver Leaves Package

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Your package can be left at your door.
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If the package that is delivered to you does not require a signature for release, the FedEx driver leaves the package at your door or in a secure location. The decision to leave the package is at the discretion of the driver. In most cases, if FedEx has attempted to deliver your package for the third time and is not able to do so, then FedEx returns the package to the shipper.

Drivers Leave Door Tag

Parcel delivery instructions: 14 February
The driver will leave a note on your door.
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A door tag informs you that a FedEx driver attempted to deliver a package to you. The driver leaves a door tag when he can't leave your package and the package requires what FedEx calls an indirect signature. You must choose options on the door tag to give the driver instructions on how to handle the package the next time he makes a delivery attempt. One of the options is signing the door tag to give the driver permission to leave your package in a secure location the next time he delivers it, which is usually the next business day.

Request Package for Pickup

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You can pick up your package from the delivery station.
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Sometimes, signing the door tag is not possible because the shipper has given instructions for a direct signature to be necessary for the package to be delivered. If this is the case, then another option is for you to request to pick up the package yourself at a FedEx location. If the package is a FedEx Express package, then you can request that FedEx hold the package at the delivery station for pickup.

Someone Else Signs

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You can ask your neighbor to sign for you.
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If an indirect signature is required, then the FedEx driver must get a signature from someone at the delivery address or from anyone else at a neighboring address. The person must be at least 21 years of age at the delivery address, if an adult signature is required. FedEx will reattempt delivery if no one of this age or older is present.

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