How to Print a Change of Address Form From the US Post Office

By Lynne Pettus

The United States Postal Service change-of-address form, PS Form 3575, is available at all post offices in hard-copy form, which you can complete by hand and return to Postal Service personnel. The USPS does not provide blank downloadable PDFs of this form on its website; rather, it provides an online wizard that you can complete to fill out the form. After you finish the wizard, you can download the completed form to mail or hand-deliver to the post office, which is free. Alternatively, you can submit the form electronically for a fee of $1.05 as of publication. Some private companies provide a blank form on their website that you can download and print (see Resources) as a service to their customers.

Print a Blank Form

Step 1

Open the WikiDownload website (see Resources), one of a few websites that provide a downloadable PDF of the change of address form. Click “Printable Version.”

Step 2

Press the “Print” icon or press “Ctrl-P” to launch the Print dialog. Alternatively, select the “Save” icon to save the file to your computer for later use or to open it in Adobe Reader directly rather than in your browser.

Step 3

Select your printer from the Printer drop-down menu then change any options or accept the defaults. Click “Print.” After it's printed, complete the form by hand and either mail it to your local Postmaster or deliver it directly to your local USPS office.

Complete and Print the USPS Online Form

Step 1

Visit the USPS Change of Address form page (see Resources) and then click “Continue.”

Step 2

Follow the wizard to complete the required information, clicking “Continue” at each page. If you’re not sure how to proceed, click the “Help” links visible to the right of each step.

Step 3

Click the “Print Your Request” link at the “Verify Identification (Part 1 of 2)” page. Do not click "Continue." Printing the request at this point avoids having to pay the $1.05 fee or entering your credit card information.

Step 4

Complete the required information on the “Print and Mail Your Change of Address Form” page, including entering the CAPTCHA at the bottom. Press “Continue” to open the “Ready to Print” page.

Step 5

Press “Print.” Your printed document is already completed with your personal information, so you have no need to fill in any further information. Either mail it to your local Postmaster or deliver it directly to your local USPS office.