How to Import Photos From an iMac to a MacBook

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File sharing allows you to take your company's iMac photos home with you.
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iMac computers are powerful machines, but they're also heavy, immobile desktop models. MacBooks, on the other hand, can hold much of the same information as iMacs, but they're portable. You can transfer photos from your office's iMac to your MacBook using a few different methods, including the use of CDs or USB drives. But these methods are tedious and don't work well when many photos need to be transferred. The most efficient method is to use Apple's built-in file sharing software. Note, however, that you'll need the admin name and password to configure the settings on the iMac.


Step 1

Connect both the iMac and the MacBook to the office Wi-Fi network.

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Step 2

Open sharing privileges on the iMac by clicking the "Apple" logo, followed by "System Preferences." Click "View" and then select "Sharing." Tick the box next to "File Sharing" in the "Service" section. Repeat this procedure on the MacBook.


Step 3

Click the "Finder" icon on the MacBook desktop. Open a new Finder window and then click "Go," followed by "Network." Double-click the iMac icon.

Step 4

Click the "Connect As" button (from the MacBook Finder window) to connect as the iMac. Enter the username and password for the iMac when prompted and then click "Connect." This will open a list of folders found on the iMac.



Step 5

Navigate to the folder that holds the photos you want to transfer to your MacBook. Drag and drop the photos from this folder into the MacBook's "Photos" folder. Disconnect from file sharing when you're finished. The iMac photos are now on your MacBook laptop.




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