Google Assistant Can Now Play Even More Games With Your Kids

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Google is adding more than 50 new games and activities for families to the Google Assistant, the company announced in a press release on Tuesday. The update includes games like musical chairs, freeze tag, science and tech trivia, a Harry Potter quiz, Disney-themed games, and activities like original storytelling.


Voice identification is being added so kids can have access to the games without their parents around. You'll just need to sign them up for a Family Link account, which is a Google account for kids under 13 that allows parental supervision. Google says the Assistant is now much better at recognizing kids' voices, so just like it does for adults, it's able to distinguish between voices to provide customized responses.

Here's a peek at how it works:

Google notes that the new games and activities aren't meant to babysit your kids—they're designed to encourage participation from the whole family. But hey, when you're busy making dinner, cleaning the house, etc., a little entertainment for the kids goes a long way (especially the kind that doesn't create a huge mess).