Easily Supervise Your Kids Online Using This App

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The internet is a vast world of information. Some of that information is appropriate for kids to see, but as you're well aware, so much of it is most definitely not. Monitoring your kids' online activity isn't always easy, especially if they're at the age where drama is their second (or really first) language.


Qustodio is a free parental control app that's designed to supervise, manage, and protect your kids devices in an easy, streamlined way. It's useful to protect them from too much time spent online and inappropriate content, but also against serious online issues like cyberbullying, cyber predators, and screen addiction.

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Through both the online dashboard and the app, you can see the websites and apps your kids are visiting and the time spent on each. From there, you can set limits and manage your their online experience.


The price of the service ranges from $54.95 to $137.95 per year, depending on how many devices you want access to. Click here to get started.