Speak & Spell Is Returning in All Its '80s Glory

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Ah, the '80s. A time before modern internet entered our homes and took over our lives. Things were simpler, and toys were rad.


If you were a kid (or knew a kid) in the '80s, you probably remember the Speak & Spell. It was Texas Instruments' hand-held computer for kids that helped them learn how to spell. The part you probably remember most is the robot-like synthesizer voice.

Here's a reminder:

Well, good news and bad news. Basic Fun is reviving the Speak & Spell in 2019, but the voice won't be coming with it. The updated computer will include everything else you remember, including the games, the display (with modern LCDs), and the familiar orange, yellow, and blue design.


The old TMS1000 chip inside the original Speak & Spell could only synthesize around 200 words. Space won't be an issue with Basic Fun's model, so the recorded voice will only sound like it's synthesized—for novelty's sake.

The new Speak & Spell model will sell for $25 when it's released in the fall.