Virtual Field Trips Kids Can Explore From Home

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Since your kids are quarantined at home for a while, they're going to have to start getting creative to find things to do—and hopefully those things don't involve bodily injury to themselves or their siblings, coloring on walls, or other annoyingly destructive activities.


I've put together a list of some virtual field trips to some really cool real-life places, which might help keep things constructive in your home during this weird and uncertain time—even if only for a few minutes. Because let's face it, family time is great, but sometimes you just need a little screen time to keep things sane.

Check them out:

Boston Children's Museum

When you can't visit a children's museum in person, the next best thing is to visit one virtually. Take a look at some of the cool exhibits inside the Boston Children's Museum.


Yellowstone National Park

Explore some of the main attractions in Yellowstone National Park, including Fort Yellowstone, Fountain Paint Pot, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs, Mud Volcano, and the Norris Geyser Basin.



Become a virtual astronaut and access Mars virtually in 360 mode on the Curiosity Rover.


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. is the world's largest museum and one of the most visited. Kids can virtually visit the entire grounds with a comprehensive room-by-room, 360-degree walking tour of all of its exhibits.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

There are over two million works of art at the MET in New York City. Take a look at its online collection and virtual tours of some of the most impressive exhibits and art pieces.


San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is the perfect spot for kids to spend time learning about all types of animals, watching educational videos, listening to stories, and playing games and activities.


The Great Wall of China

A virtual tour of The Great Wall of China brings a piece of history into your home.