How Can I Retrieve a Deleted Call-Log History?

Retrieve a deleted call-log history from your cell phone with a SIM data-recovery program.

You might delete calls from your cell phone’s call-log history that you didn’t mean to delete or to which you might need to refer later. You might also want to see the deleted call-log history on someone else’s cell phone like your spouse’s or your child’s cell phone to see what he’s been up to. Once calls are deleted from your phone, you can’t see them on your cell phone, but they are still located on the phone’s SIM card. Regardless of the reason, you can retrieve a deleted call-log history with the appropriate software.

Step 1

Go to Free Downloads Center, which offers a SIM data-recovery program for $69 as of 2010. This program reads your deleted call-log history as well as deleted contacts and text messages and restores them back to your cell phone so that you can read them on your cell phone. It offers you a visual preview of what the program’s interface looks like and says the interface is user-friendly. You can click on the preview of the SIM data-recovery program to get a better look at how it might function before your purchase it.

Step 2

Go to Pro Data Doctor, which offers a SIM data-recovery program, again for $69 as of 2010. It retrieves deleted call logs, text messages and contacts as well, and it even offers you a downloadable demo so that you can take a virtual tour of the SIM data-recovery program before purchasing it. Thanks to the demo, you will know exactly what to expect from this program how to operate it once you download it.

Step 3

Go to SIM Recovery, which offers a SIM data-recovery program just as its name implies. This program, too, costs $69 as of 2010. It retrieves the same data as the other ones: deleted call logs, text messages and deleted contacts. However, this program initially generates a report of the deleted information so that you can view it on your computer if you don’t necessarily want to restore it to your cell phone. If you do want to restore it, you can employ that option once the report is generated.


You must have a SIM USB card reader in which to insert your SIM card so that you can plug it into your computer for the SIM data-recovery program to read the information on it.


Beware of websites that claim to offer free SIM data-recovery programs, because most of those websites contain malware that can harm your computer. Most legitimate SIM data-recovery programs cost $69 and up.