How Do I Download Streaming Video?

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You can download any video online using URL information and an online ripping service.
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Streaming video is fast becoming one of the most in-demand media formats across the internet today. As connection speeds and the number of portable devices capable of video playback increases, it is quite likely that streaming video will become one of the most prioritized assets on the modern web.


For users, accessing streaming web content is as simple as pointing your web browser to the page hosting the content itself. However, you may encounter a few more challenges if your goal is to download the streaming video. Fortunately, you can use a few simple techniques to locate and download the streaming videos you enjoy every day.


If you are curious as to how you can download streaming video, you will be happy to know that the process is very simple. You can download any video online using URL information and an online ripping service.

The Basics of Streaming Video

Although streaming video has been around for many years, it is only relatively recently that this technology has advanced to the point where individuals can enjoy content without being forced to accommodate nagging slowdowns, such as data buffering.


The fundamental technique which has been perfected and is the foundation of modern video streaming is video compression. Whereas video files are often originally encoded in the memory-intensive RAW format, streaming video has been compressed to the point where the actual data footprint of the video itself is quite small. Although there will typically be some minor loss of video quality, this will be virtually undetectable on the devices commonly used to streaming video, such as computers and cellphones.

The process of compression involves the use of a codec, or software algorithm which quickly parses through video content, removes bits of data that are deemed unnecessary for the current projection requirements and ultimately lowers the resolution of the video. For videos that rely on sound, an audio codec will also typically be used to compress the embedded sound files. When sound is compressed, individuals may notice a slight reduction in audio fidelity.


How to Download Streaming Video

Once you learn how to download streaming video, you will effectively be able to download videos from website platforms as often as you would like. The easiest way to download streaming video is to locate a platform online which offers this service. A quick Google search will reveal countless websites offering to assist users with downloading streaming video. The process of downloading this content is often called "ripping," which is why so many of these online platforms will include this terminology.


The technique for using any of these websites is virtually identical. First, users will typically be asked to input the URL of the video file they wish to download. Following this, the website will typically try to locate the streaming content in order to ensure that it can, in fact, be downloaded. Once this is done, users will be asked to select the specific file type they would like the streaming content to be downloaded as. As a general rule, larger file types will typically result in improved image quality within the video itself.

After these decisions have been made, users can typically initiate the process and quickly receive their streaming video in a downloadable format. It is important to keep in mind, however, that downloading content in this fashion could breach copyright law. If you are downloading rips of popular movie content, you may potentially be exposing yourself to criminal liability.