How Do I Print Yahoo Email?

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Yahoo's printer-friendly view appears as a pop-up window.
Image Credit: ambrits/iStock/Getty Images

While you can print the email you're viewing using keyboard shortcuts or the file menu, your printer may include unwanted elements from the page in the print job, such as toolbars, navigation bars and ads. Yahoo provides a printer-friendly version of your email messages to help you print copies of important communications. You can open the printer-friendly version of a message using the right-click context menu in your Yahoo Mail Inbox, or using the More button in the Yahoo Mail toolbar. Printing email with graphics and color may require lots of printer ink.

Log in to Yahoo Mail and then view your inbox or folder containing the message you want to print. Right-click the message and then select "Print," or press "P," to open the message in a printer-friendly window. Alternatively, open an email, click the "More" drop-down above your message and then select "Print" or press "P." Click the "Print" link, or press "Ctrl-P," to open the print dialog and then click "OK" to print your message. If you want to print your list of messages in your inbox, open your inbox, press "Ctrl-P" and then click "OK."