How to Add a Banner to a Word Document

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A simple banner image may be utilized to attract immediate attention to the document

A Word document is a text file created in Microsoft Word. A banner may be added to a word document by adding the banner image as a header. But this will add the banner to every page in the document, if the Word file spans across many pages. If a banner needs to be added only to the top page, inserting it as an image at the desired location solves the problem. While text only banners may be created within Microsoft Word itself, image banners need to be prepared elsewhere and saved as an image format beforhand.


Step 1

Open the document in Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab from the main menu. This would reveal number of object groups that can be added to the document such as tables, illustrations, links, text and symbols.


Step 3

Select to insert a header to the document. "Header" button is located within "Header & Footer" object group in Microsoft Word 2007.

Step 4

Click within the inserted header section (or the location where the banner needs to be added) and click on "Insert" and then "Picture". This will pop up a browser box in order to select the images for insertion. Select and insert the banner image that was prepared for the Word document.


Step 5

Stretch, skew and rotate the image as appropriate. The image does not always have to fill up the total width. It may be a combination of text and image, in this case add a text box adjacent to the image as required.

Step 6

Insert a text box instead of an image, if the banner is text-only. Use WordArt in Microsoft Word for visually formatted text.


Simplest form of banners are large-text and WordArt placed within headers. Adding a header is not compulsory, although it makes editing easier. Use contrasting and eye-catching color themes, as the purpose of a banner is to get attention and present a message at the same time. If the Word document needs printing afterward, then set up the page margins before the insertion of banner images and reassess the print-preview for possible adjustments.


As much as a banner adds value to a word document, misuse of words, images or colors might devalue the document too.