How to Bluejack a Phone

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Certain Bluetooth-enabled phones can Bluejack other nearby devices with funny messages.

The term "Bluejack" or "Bluejacking" was first coined in 2003 when Bluetooth was originally included as an option for a wide range of mobile devices. Bluejacking a phone involves sending a message to a random person via Bluetooth. Since Bluetooth has an effective range of 10 meters, the message is sent to someone you can see. Many people use Bluejacking to send an amusing message at random while in a crowd to see what phone belongs to which person. Bluejacking is simple, but not all phones support sending contacts via Bluetooth.


Step 1

Determine if your device is capable of Bluejacking. Open your contact list and press the "Options" button. If your menu has the option of sending the contact via Bluetooth, then you are able to Bluejack.

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Step 2

Enable Bluetooth on your device. This is done in the "Options," "Tools, or "Settings" menu of your mobile device.


Step 3

Create a new contact and insert a short message in the "Name" field.

Step 4

Select the new "contact" from the contact list and choose to send it via Bluetooth from the "Options" menu.



Step 5

Wait for the device to compile a list of the other Bluetooth devices in range.

Step 6

Select one of the devices from the list and press "Send" to Bluejack that phone.

Step 7

Watch the people nearby to determine who receives the message and send a follow-up message or choose a new target to Bluejack.

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