How to Create a Gmail Account

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How to Create a Gmail Account
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Gmail, Google's Web-based email client, requires that you create a Google Account before you can send and receive messages. Further, creating a Google Account lets you have access to various Google services such as Docs, Drive and Google+.

Step 1

Visit, and then click the Create an account button to open the Google Account creation screen.

Step 2

Enter your personal information such as your name, birthday and mobile number into the required fields. You must also choose a username, which automatically becomes your Gmail address; use letters, numbers and periods to create your username.


When using Google Chrome, you can sign in with your Google Account to synchronize tabs, bookmarks and settings across devices. To sign in, click the Profiles button on the Google Chrome title bar.

Step 3

Finally, create a password, agree to the Google Terms of Service, and then click Next step. If you opted to skip the CAPTCHA verification, select Text Message on the following screen, and then insert the code that you receive on your mobile to verify your new Google Account. Click No Thanks when prompted to set up a Google+ profile and you will be taken directly to your Gmail account.

To sign out of your Gmail account, click your username or portrait in the upper-right corner , and then click Sign out. You can sign back in by visiting


The first time you sign in to your Gmail account, Google presents a short tutorial that lets you familiarize yourself with Gmail’s many features. Either click Next to go through the tutorial or click the Close button on the pop-up window to gain access to your account.

By default, your Gmail inbox automatically groups your emails into three tabs called Primary, Social and Promotions. The Primary tab stores emails that you receive from contacts, the Social tab stores messages that you receive through social media, while the Promotions tab stores messages that contain deals and offers.

To import messages and contacts from other email accounts, you must use Gmail's Import Mail and Contacts wizard. Click the gear-shaped icon on your Gmail account, and then select Settings. Click the Accounts and Import tab, and then click Import Mail and Contacts to open the wizard.