How to Create a Group Text Message Distribution List

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Texting is currently very popular. Creating distribution lists can help you send the same text to multiple people.

Text messaging is a highly popular method of communication. There are many instances in which you would need to send the same message to multiple people. Instead of creating a new message for each person and typing the same thing, it is much easier to create a distribution list to send the message to multiple people. Creating a list is an easy process for cell phones using the Android operating system.


Step 1

Select the "contacts" icon on your home screen. A list of your contacts will pop up.

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Step 2

Select the soft "menu" key from the choice of four options that run across the bottom of your phone. The menu icon is usually represented by either horizontal lines stacked on top of one another or a group of four squares. Once the menu key is selected, several choices will be displayed along the bottom of your screen.


Step 3

Choose "Display Group." There will be several options displayed. Select "Create new group."

Step 4

Type the name of the group you are creating in the dialog box and select save. You will be redirected to the contact list. Once again, select the menu icon and then select the display group option.


Step 5

Select the group you just created. There will be text informing you that no one belongs to this group. Select the menu icon and choose "Edit group" from the options listed.


Step 6

Two soft buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose "add" in order to add new members. Scroll through the names displayed and put a check mark next to the ones you wish to add to the group.


Step 7

The group now acts as a distribution list. To send text messages to this group, repeat the steps to display the group. At the top left side of the group display page, there is an icon showing a piece of paper and a pencil. Select this icon.

Step 8

Choose the "text group" option. It will open a text screen with the group you have chosen in the recipient list. To create more groups to use as distribution lists, repeat the process.



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