How to Create Your Own Sports Website

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Create Your Own Sports Website

Sports is one of the things that allows diverse groups of people to bond over a common interest. No matter what the sport, there are fans of all walks of life who share a love of that sport. If you're a sports fan (or fanatic), you can turn your love of sports (or a particular team) into a part-time job if you create your own sports website.


Step 1

Come up with a name for your website. Whatever the subject of the website will be, use that word in the name of your website. Be aware, however, that if your site will be about one particular team or team player, laws prohibit you from using the name of a team or player in the name of your website.

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Step 2

Purchase your domain name, which is the same as the name of your website. This can be done at any domain name seller's site. The top-rated domain name seller is

Step 3

Purchase a hosting plan. This is basically Internet rental space, wherein you'll be paying a hosting provider for the rights to place your website on their servers so that your site will be available to the world.


Step 4

Build your site. To do this, use a website programming language (html, xml, or xhtml). If you have no knowledge of these languages, use a website building software, such as

Step 5

Monetize your site by registering with affiliate networks. There's a link to a list of dozens of free affiliate networks in the Resources section below.

By using affiliate networks, you can earn commissions by using unique links that the affiliate networks provide you with. When a person visits your site, clicks on one of those links, and makes a purchase, you will earn commission.


Depending on the theme of your sports website, you can link to books about sports, sports memorabilia, sports posters, and basketball and football jerseys, among other things.


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