How to Download Embedded Videos

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The modern internet is filled with a variety of multimedia content, ranging from podcasts to streaming videos. As digital technology continues to evolve, a growing number of web developers are finding ways to redefine the modern browsing experience, incorporating embedded videos and other interactive content into their projects. In some situations, you may be browsing the internet and come across a unique embedded video which you would like to download. Although there's no direct method for downloading these videos, such as a clickable button attached to it, you can still transfer this content to your computer using a few simple steps. Learning how to download embedded video is a fast process that requires a few quick and easy steps.


Learning to Download Embedded Video

The easiest method for downloading an embedded video is through the use of a web browser plug-in. A variety of plug-ins are available which seamlessly integrate with your browser and allow you to downloaded embedded videos at the touch of a button. Two notable examples of integrated plug-ins include the Flash Video Downloader and Video DownloadHelper.

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Both plug-ins are free to download and can integrate with either the Firefox or Chrome browser, depending upon the specific plug-in used. Both plug-ins function relatively similarly. When arriving at a website featuring an embedded video, the plug-ins will automatically detect the presence of the video and offer the user the ability to download it to a location of his choosing on his computer.


Other Tools for Downloading

If you would prefer not using a plug-in to download embedded video, you can use an online service. Several websites offer users the ability to type in a URL hosting the embedded video they would like to download and then receive the video in a file format of their choice. This may be the ideal solution for those who are planning to download only a single video and don't need a plug-in for repeat use.

One important consideration to keep in mind when choosing to download embedded video is copyright. If a video is under copyright protection, downloading it could be a violation of the law. With that in mind, it's highly recommended that individuals using an embedded video downloader ensure that their intended video can be downloaded legally. Failure to do so could easily result in criminal prosecution if it's found that the video download constitutes an act of digital piracy.