How to Download Embedded Videos

There are several ways to download videos from websites onto your computer. No single method will work every time. In some cases, you can download the video directly from the Web page just as you would an image file. In other cases, you need to use a video download program or a website service, many of which are free.

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Direct Downloads

An embedded MP4 video can often be downloaded directly.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Google.

Some embedded videos can be directly downloaded from a Web page by right-clicking the video. This won't work on videos embedded using YouTube or Flash video players; however, it often works on MP4 players.


Begin playing the video that you want to download. Wait until any ads that play before it starts are complete.


Right-click the video and select Save Video As. If the save option doesn't appear, you can't use this method to download the video.


Choose a folder to save the video and click the Save button. Open the folder you chose to save the video in File Explorer after the download is complete.

Software Downloads

Click the Download This Video button from the RealTimes icon.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Real.

Free software like RealTimes or RealPlayer, Easy Video Downloader and Freemake can download videos from websites, as can many Web browser add-ons.


Download and install one of these programs onto your computer, or install a browser add-in or plugin. In Google Chrome, click Settings, Extensions and then click Get More Extensions. In Internet Explorer, click the Gear icon and select Manage Add-Ons. In Firefox, click the Menu icon and select Add-Ons. Type download videos in the Search field.


Go to the website with the video you need. There should be a button or an icon near the top of your browser window. If you don't see it, make sure the software or browser extension you installed is turned on. Begin playing the video.


Click the software's icon or button and click the Download option. Most browser add-ons include an icon beside the address bar. RealTimes places a small blue icon directly above the browser window. When the download is complete, open your Downloads folder in File Explorer to find the video.

Video Capture Websites

Many websites have video downloading services, including KeepVid, and Video Grabby. The benefit of these websites is that you don't have to install any software to use them. The drawback is that they don't always work with some websites.


Navigate to the Web page hosting the video you need. Right click the URL in the browser's Web address field and select Copy from the drop-down menu.


Go to a video capture website like . Place the cursor in the text field provided and press Enter. Click the Download link.


Open the Downloads folder in File Explorer to locate the video once the download is complete.

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