How to Download Music from the Internet onto Your Computer

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Today's internet is vastly different from the World Wide Web first used decades ago. As a growing number of businesses and individuals rely on the internet for business purposes, the creative industries have developed unique systems for downloading media content directly to your computer from a server anywhere around the world. If you're ready to learn how to download music to a computer, you can do so using a few simple steps. Now, more than ever before, transferring music to your computer from the internet is fast and easy.


The Basics of Downloading Music

If you're interested in downloading music, the first step is to determine how the website you've found the music on is offering the music to customers. For example, you may have found an excellent piece of music on an individual's website that's available for download as an MP3 file format. In a situation such as this, downloading the music can be as simple as clicking "Download," choosing a location on your computer to store the file and pressing "OK." In a scenario such as this, downloading music is really no different from downloading any other type of file.


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Using SoundCloud for Downloads

If you're using a service such as iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud to listen to music, you may also have the ability to download songs you enjoy listening to. In this particular scenario, you'll need to follow the specific instructions for downloading outlined by the service. For example, SoundCloud allows creators of music to specify whether their songs are available for download. In a situation such as this, you can check to see if downloads are available by looking underneath the comment bar for a download button.


Using iTunes for Downloads

iTunes remains one of the most popular tools for listening to and downloading music. You can download music directly off iTunes into your iCloud account if you've already purchased the song in question. Downloading music through a service such as iTunes or SoundCloud will require you to first set up an account within their system. Without an account, you won't be able to gain access to any download privileges.


Using Spotify for Downloads

Spotify offers a set of premium-level services for those willing to pay a monthly usage fee. As part of the premium account, you can download music you discover online through the service to your mobile device or computer. This will allow you to continue your listening experience offline when no internet connection is available. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a traditional download in the sense that you will receive a Mp3 or similarly formatted file. The music you download will be available for listening strictly through the Spotify app.


Important Considerations Before Downloading

If you're downloading music from a personal website or online platform which offers music for free, take the time necessary to ensure that you're not inadvertently pirating (illegally downloading) copyright content. Music piracy is a federal crime that can result in severe punishments if discovered.




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