How to Download Streaming Video With the JW Player

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Downloading streaming video through JW player can be accomplished using a variety of methods.
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If you have browsed any news media or entertainment websites in the past few years, you probably have noticed that a significant amount of the streaming video you come across is presented in the JW Player. The JW Player has become one of the internet's most commonly used tools for embedding video directly into a website.


Thanks to a versatile architecture and robust development platform, the JW Player holds a prominent position in the world of streaming video content today. If you are hoping to better understand how you can download JW player videos, you can rely on a few simple strategies to gain access to the content you desire.

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Downloading streaming video through JW player can be accomplished using a variety of methods. A JW player download Chrome extension can be used, but there are also simpler methods available that do not require third-party downloads.

The Basics of JW Player

For those who may be wondering, the name "JW Player" is derived from the initials of the program's creator, Jeroen Wijering. In fact, JW Player was first made available for download on Wijering's blog after initial development was complete.


JW Player is designed to stream videos in the HTML5 and Flash video format. Having first been introduced in 2005 as part of an open-source project, JW Player quickly rose to prominence as a new industry-standard streaming protocol when it was adopted for use by YouTube. Today, two distinct versions of JW Player are available for use. The traditional player, JW Player, carries the full feature-set of the streaming provider, while a more streamlined version titled JW Showcase is also available.

Although a free version of JW Player does exist for users, this version of the software carries with it a non-removable company watermark. Premium versions of JW Player do not feature this particular branding and can be adapted for use into a wide array of scenarios.


JW Player Video Downloader Options

If you are attempting to download videos using JW Player, your first step should be to check if a download option has been made available on the player itself. When individuals host video through JW Player, they are given the option to provide downloads for viewers. This will be the easiest way in which you can obtain this content.

If no download is available, your next step should be to locate the specific URL of the streaming video. In order to do this, it is recommended that you use the Chrome browser. First, right-click on the closest white space area next to the video (or part of the website that is not the streaming video). Click the Inspect button from the menu that appears. At this point, find and select the Network tab in the code block that appears on the right side of your screen.


A series of module labels should appear below the Network tab. Click the Media module label. A video file should appear in the directory list. Right-click the video file and use the copy function to make a copy of the URL. At this point, you should be able to paste the URL into a new browser tab on Chrome to see the full video.

When prompted, select the location on your computer where you would like to download the video. After this is completed, the video will stream and download directly to your computer.