How to Find a Facebook Password

By Jason Artman

Using a different password for each website is one of the best ways to ensure that your private information is protected. However, this can also make it difficult at times to remember which password was used for each site. If you have forgotten your Facebook password, you can find and recover it through Facebook's automatic password recovery feature.

Step 1

Browse to Facebook's homepage and click the "Forgot your password?" link at the top of the page or go directly to the password reset link in the "Resources" section of this article. You will find two partially obscured words on the screen.

Step 2

Click inside the box labeled "Text in the box" and type both of the words that you see on the screen with a space between the two.

Step 3

Click inside the box labeled "Email" and type the email address that you used when creating your Facebook account.

Step 4

Click the "Reset Password" button. A message will be sent to the email address you provided.

Step 5

Check your email for a message from Facebook, and click the password reset link in the message. Select a new password to log in to Facebook.