How to Find Out if an HTC Is Unlocked

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HTC smartphone's are becoming more popular. Unlocking an HTC allows you to have the freedom of not being tied down to one specific carrier. You are free to try different carriers until you are sure which is right for you. Instead of buying another phone, you can simply unlock the one you already have. Another advantage to having an unlocked HTC phone is the ability to download other carrier's applications. You can unlock your HTC yourself by obtaining an unlock code, or you can purchase an already unlocked HTC phone online. There are two different types of wireless network provider, Code Division Multiple Access, also known as CDMA (e.g., Sprint, Verizon), and Groupe Speciale Mobile, also known as GSM (e.g., AT&t, T-Mobile). The two networks require different steps to check whether an HTC is unlocked.

How to Find Out if Your GSM Network HTC Phone is Unlocked

Step 1

Remove your phone's current SIM card, which is located under the back cover.

Step 2

Insert the SIM card of the cell phone carrier you want to switch your service to.

Step 3

Turn the HTC phone on. If the phone is unlocked, your phone will start to obtain service. If the phone is locked, you will get an error message that says "Network is locked. Please input unlock code."

How to Find Out if Your CDMA Network HTC Phone is Unlocked

Step 1

Turn phone off.

Step 2

Hold down the VolumeDown + Power. This will take you to the flash screen.

Step 3

The flash screen should read "SPL-0.57 Cmonex" if the phone is unlocked.

Things You'll Need

  • HTC smartphone

  • SIM card (if GSM)


Do not put any SIM card into a CDMA Network phone (e.g., Sprint and Verizon). SIM cards are only meant to be used with GSM Network phones (e.g., AT&T, T-Mobile).