How to Fix a Hacked Facebook Account

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Your Facebook account contains sensitive information and access to highly personal aspects of your life. In addition to personal correspondence, pictures and your wall, your hacked Facebook profile contains banking information when you use monetized Facebook apps. For these reasons, Facebook provides a comprehensive tool for securing your profile in case it's been compromised.


Step 1

Go online to Facebook's help documentation page for users who have been hacked (see Resources). Click "My Account is Hacked" and select "Secure it here."

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Step 2

Type your password in the text field and click "Continue." Facebook displays a message confirming you are accessing the correct account.


Step 3

Click "Continue" to confirm your account.

Step 4

Click "Continue" to proceed with securing your account.

Step 5

Type a new password in the corresponding text fields and click "Continue." Facebook displays an advisory that you should change your email account password.


Step 6

Click "Continue" to proceed. Facebook confirms that your account is verified.


Step 7

Click "Continue" to proceed with unlocking your account.

Step 8

Click the "Choose a Security Question" drop-down menu and select a question.


Step 9

Type an answer to the security question in the text field and click "Submit."

Step 10

Click "Log In" to proceed to your unlocked account.


Log in to your email account and change your password after securing your Facebook account.



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