How to Forward Cell Phone Voice Mails

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Voice mail forwarding helps prevent the loss of messages.

Enabling your cell phone to forward voice mail can be handy when you are not in a position to either listen to the message and do not want to take the chance of losing the message because of accidentally erasing the message or misplacing the phone. Voice mail forwarding involves sending a voicemail message to either an email address or an alternate phone number. Some cell phone providers, such as T-Mobile, offer voice mail forwarding as an add-on to basic voice mail service, while others, such as Sprint, offer this service as a standard voice mail feature.


Forward Cell Phone Voicemail to an Email Address

Step 1

Access the voicemail inbox on your cell phone.

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Step 2

Select the message to forward and press the "Menu" button or key.


Step 3

Press the "Forward" button or key, select "Email," then select the email text box and enter the email address.

Step 4

Type a message, such as "Voicemail message from John" and select "Send."


Step 5

Access the voice mail menu. Listen to the voice mail mail message but do not hang up upon completion of the call.


Step 6

Press the number key your provider indicates to forward a message. Check the user manual to find key codes or visit the provider website.


Step 7

Enter the 10-digit telephone number you want to forward the call to and add a brief introduction message, such as "This a cell phone voice mail message from John." End the message by pressing the "#" key or the key designated by your provider.

Step 8

Forward the voice mail message by pressing the number you provider indicates to send a voice mail forward.



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