How to Forward Email to a Different Account

By Lynne Pettus

Forward either individual emails or all your email from your Outlook account to any other email account.

All email applications provide forwarding features, usually accessed through a simple icon directly on the email message. The general procedure is to open the email, find the Forward button or menu item and select it. A new email message window opens in which you enter your recipient's email address and compose your message. When you forward a message, any attachments are forwarded as well.

Forward a single email or configure your email application to forward all emails to another email account.

Forwarding a Single Email in Outlook

Step 1

To forward a single email in Outlook, open the email and click the Forward button in the Respond group on the Home tab. Alternatively, select Forward in the ribbon directly above the email itself.

Step 2

Address and compose your message.

Enter your recipient's email address, compose your message and click Send.


To forward the email as a blind copy -- in which recipients cannot see other recipients -- select the Cc button to the left of the address field to open the Select Names dialog, and enter the email addresses to blind copy in the Bcc field.

Forwarding All Mail in Outlook

Create a special rule in Outlook to forward all your email to another account.


Outlook rules are a powerful feature that supports a wide range of customizable actions; this discussion focuses solely on forwarding email.

Step 1

Initiate a new email rule.

From the File tab, click Manage Rules & Alerts to open the Rules & Alerts dialog. Click the E-mail Rules tab and select Apply Rule On Messages I Receive. Click Next.

Step 2

Select any conditions.

In the Rules Wizard, select the conditions you want in the Step 1 section. To forward all email with no conditions, leave all boxes unchecked. When no box is checked and you click Next, Outlook launches a pop-up to warn you that all messages will be affected. Click Yes.

Step 3

Choose to forward all your messages.

Select Forward It to People or Public Group to forward all your messages and then click Next.

Step 4

Choose your recipient.

Choose the address book in which your recipient is listed from the Address Book drop-down and then double-click the name. The To field at the bottom of the dialog populates with the name you select. Click OK.

Step 5

Select any exceptions and complete your rule.

Select any exceptions to your new rule. To forward all your email, leave all check boxes blank. Click Finish.


To transfer your email account to another account, use Outlook's Import and Export feature to export a PST file, which holds your email and contact information, and then enable the IMAP protocol for the email to which you are transferring. If you are transferring to Gmail, consider using a Google apps migration tool available to Google Apps business customers. A Google Apps account costs from $5 to $10 a month.