How to Get Deleted Text Messages for a Court Case

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Retrieving text messages as evidence is a time-consuming process.

Your mobile telephone service provider may comply with you if you need to retrieve deleted text messages for a court case. Obtaining your text messages takes some patience and persistence. Your mobile provider may feel that it is right to protect the privacy of the recipient in the text conversation. In the case that your mobile provider does not help you, get a court order or ask law enforcement to intervene. These are the only legal alternatives for retrieving text messages for court cases.


Step 1

Contact your mobile provider. Verify your account information. Ask the representative for your text message records. You may be transferred to another representative who will ask you questions for verification purposes.

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Step 2

File your court case. Once you filed a case, you may make a court order to request text messages from your mobile provider.

Step 3

Get your court order. Tell your attorney or detective that you would like to use your text messages as a form of evidence. Your attorney or detective will make that motion with the judge.

Step 4

Contact your local law enforcement, if you do not have an attorney as of yet. According to the 2006 Consumer Telephone Records Protection Act, this is another legal alternative to retrieve your text messages.



Step 5

Speak with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They may be able to use digital forensics to retrieve the deleted text messages from your mobile device.

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