How To Import Gmail Contacts into the Blackberry

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Manually adding contacts to a new BlackBerry can take quite a while if you have a great many contacts. If your contacts are stored in your Gmail account, you can use a Google Mobile application to make synchronizing those contacts much easier. Google Sync will also synchronize your Google calendar to your BlackBerry's onboard calendar. Once you download the application, you can adjust its settings to allow it to run whenever you wish. Your actual email from Gmail can be sent to your BlackBerry through either the BlackBerry Internet Service or the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, depending on which you use.


Step 1

Download the Google Sync application on your BlackBerry device. From your phone's browser, go to

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Step 2

Click the download link on the Google Sync page.

Step 3

Open the Google Sync application on your BlackBerry once the download completes and installs.


Step 4

Press "Login" to go to the login screen.

Step 5

Enter your Gmail user name and password. Logging in directs you to the "Welcome" screen.

Step 6

Click "Sync Now" to begin synchronization. The application will synchronize your Google calendar and your contacts from Gmail with your BlackBerry.


The first time you synchronize your data may take up to half an hour, depending on the amount of data you are synchronizing. You can perform other tasks while your BlackBerry is synchronizing with Google.

You can change what items the Google Sync application synchronizes by going to the "Options" menu. You can also change how often Google Sync synchronizes your data in the options menu.

Back-up your BlackBerry regularly to protect the data on your device.