How to Manage Bookmarks With Safari

By David Weedmark

Taking a few minutes to organize your Safari bookmarks can save you quite a bit of time in the long run. Organizing bookmarks in [Safari 5.1.7 for Windows]( is only slightly different than the version found on Mac computers running OS X Yosemite.

Step 1

Click the Safari **Bookmarks** menu. If you're on a Web page that you want to bookmark, you can do that here, as well as show bookmarks and edit bookmarks. If you're using Safari for Windows, click the **Gear** icon and select **Show Menu** bar to reveal the Bookmarks menu.

Step 2

**Adding a New Folder**Click "Add Bookmark Folder." The bookmarks pane opens, with a new untitled folder created. Its name field is already editable so you can immediately type the name you want. Press ** Enter** to save the new name.

Step 3

**Manage Individual Bookmarks and Delete Duplicates**Select **Edit Bookmarks** from the Bookmarks menu if you are running Safari on a Mac. If you're using Safari for Windows, click **Show All Bookmarks.**Unlike the bookmarks pane, the Edit page shows the complete URL of each bookmark. Review both the names and the URLs to be certain you don't have duplicates. In our example, the "Radar" and "Radar -- Environment Canada" bookmarks both have the same URL, so one can be deleted. To remove a bookmark, right-click it and select **Delete**.

Step 4

**Edit an Individual Bookmark**Right-click a bookmark to edit it. Select **Rename Bookmark** to change its name. Select **Edit Address** to edit the URL. After you change the bookmark information, press **Enter** to save it.

Step 5

**Reorder Bookmarks**Drag bookmarks to whichever position suits you. To put bookmarks in a new folder, for example, just drag them into that folder. If you have a lot of bookmarks, you may prefer to put them in alphabetical order, by dragging each into place.

Step 6

**Import or Export Bookmarks**Click the **File** menu to import or export bookmarks. If you are changing your [default browser to Safari](, you can import bookmarks directly from another browser.