How to Override the Ink Sensor on a Brother MFC-240C

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The ink sensor on a Brother MFC-240C printer keeps you from printing when the ink levels in the cartridges are low. The ink sensors also let you check ink consumption during normal use. While consumers should not let an ink cartridge run until it is completely dry, there are some situations that necessitate overriding the sensors. For example, if you see a low-ink warning but need to print the last few pages of a document, you can override the sensors to complete your print job.


Step 1

Open the ink cartridge cover, which faces the front of the printer on the right side.

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Step 2

Pull down on the release lever and lower the ink cartridge door.

Step 3

Remove the ink cartridges that are reported empty by the MFC-240C.

Step 4

Look at the end of the ink cartridge that goes into the MFC-240C. Locate the clear section where you can see the remaining ink in the cartridge.


Step 5

Cut a piece of electrical tape to size so that it completely covers the ink sensor on each cartridge.

Step 6

Secure the tape over the sensor on the cartridge. You can use a pen or pencil eraser to push on the tape and further secure it on the ink cartridge.

Step 7

Push the ink cartridges you removed in Step 3 back into the MFC-240C. Lift the levers beneath the cartridges until they lock into place.


Step 8

Close the ink cartridge cover on the outside of the MFC-240C by lifting up on it.

Step 9

Press "2" on the MFC-240C, if prompted. This tells the printer that the old cartridges were not replaced with brand new ones.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrical tape

  • Scissors


While overriding the ink level sensors lets you print extra pages on your current cartridges, do not run the printer until it is completely out of ink. If the ink cartridges run completely dry, the print head assembly may be damaged.