How to Program a Dish Network Remote 5.3 IR

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Your Dish Network 5.3 IR remote can be programmed to work with your electronic devices.

If you have Dish Network, you are aware that this company beams in high-definition television and movies into your home through its digital box. When you had your Dish Network service set up, a technician probably came to your home and set up all of your equipment. Your Dish Network remote most likely works with your set-top box that controls the entertainment that comes into your home, but this remote can also work with your television and other equipment you have hooked up to it. You can program your 5.3 IR remote to work with most of your electronic equipment.


Step 1

Turn on the device that you wish to program your Dish Network 5.3 IR remote for. If you plan on programing other devices, make sure only the device you are currently programming is on and all others are turned off.

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Step 2

Find a list of codes for your device using the brand name. This can be found in the 5.3 IR owner's manual that came packaged with your Dish Network equipment at installation. These codes can be three or four digits depending on the device. Write down all the codes for a specific brand as you may have to try a few to get the 5.3 IR remote to work properly.


Step 3

Press and hold the mode button corresponding to the device you are programming located near the top of the remote. If you are programming a device that does not have a specific input, use the AUX button. Hold the button down until all the mode buttons light up and remain lit.

Step 4

Enter the first three or four digit code using the number pad on the bottom of the 5.3 IR remote. With each button, the mode lights should flash and remain lit through the entire process.


Step 5

Once the code is entered, press the pound key. If your device has accepted the code you entered, the mode button corresponding to the device should flash three times. If this happens, try using the remote to control the product. If every function works properly, you are finished.

Step 6

If the device is not responding fully, repeat the process using a different code until you find the one that works with your device.


Step 7

If no codes work, enter code 000 to begin power scan mode. Press and release the up button multiple times until the mode light blinks three times. Test the remote again and if you do not have full function, continue the power scan until you find a code that works.