How to Program a Universal Remote for a Set Top Box

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Program Universal Remote

A set top box allows television viewers with analog TV sets to view digital broadcasts without having to purchase a new TV. A universal remote can be utilized to control this and other electronic devices that make up a home entertainment system, such as a VCR and/or DVD player. Before you can start using the universal remote to control the set top box (or any device), the remote will need to be programmed to the set top box.


Step 1

Turn the set top box on by pressing the "Power" button on that device.

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Step 2

Press and hold down the button labeled "Code Search" located on the universal remote for roughly seven seconds.


Step 3

Point the universal remote at the set top box and press the "Aux" button on the remote. If there is no "Code Search" button on the universal remote, hold down the "Aux" button for about seven seconds.

Step 4

Start pressing the "Channel Up" button found on the universal remote. Press the button once every two seconds until the set top box responds by turning off.



Step 5

Press the "Mute" or "#" button located on the universal remote to save the code. Which button you select will vary based on the brand of the universal remote.

Step 6

Test the remote on the set top box. If the universal remote doesn't control the set top box, repeat the programming process starting at Step 2.

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