How to Read Verizon Text Messages on Your PC

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You can access your Verizon text messages on a home computer.

Text messaging is a modern convenience that people are quickly becoming dependent on to keep in contact with friends and family. Texting is usually done through cell phones. With Verizon service and a computer with a messaging program, you can send and receive texts from your home PC to a cell phone.


Step 1

Register your cell phone on the Verizon wireless website. This gives you online access to your cell phone activity and allows you to use to send and receive text messages through your Verizon service.

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Step 2

Select a recipient for a text message and fill in the required information on the texting page on the My Verizon website. Check the status of your sent message, and view any replies by clicking the "Check Status" tab on These text messages can be viewed online for 120 hours after receiving them.


Step 3

Sign up for a messaging service on your computer, such as Yahoo! Messenger. Register your cell phone number on your account under the "SMS" tab. Once you have registered your cell phone with the messenger tool, you can send and receive text messages via your cell phone number on your computer. The archive will preserve these messages according to your settings.


Step 4

Forward the text messages on your cell phone to your personal email account.


You cannot read text messages sent directly to your phone online through any service unless you forward the message to an email to be viewed and printed.



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