How to Receive Files With Bluetooth

Most cell phones have Bluetooth functionality that can be used to transfer files.

Using Bluetooth to send and receive files between phones or a phone and a computer is a quick way to transfer files without having to physically connect the two devices or to install hardware-specific software. Most phones come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, making Bluetooth connection and file transfers between phones fairly straightforward. You also can transfer and receive files between a phone and a computer, given that your computer has the correct software to do so.

Between Cell Phones

Step 1

Turn on the Bluetooth function of the phone that will receive the file. This control may be under a variety of menu titles, such as "Settings" or "Connectivity." If you are having problems locating this function, consult the instruction manual that should have come with your phone.

Step 2

Turn on the Bluetooth function of the phone from which you will send files.

Step 3

Search for the name of the second phone using the Bluetooth function on your first phone, and connect the two phones via Bluetooth.

Step 4

Find the file on your second phone that you wish to transfer to your first phone. Click on it, and your phone should give you the option to send the file using Bluetooth. Each phone's settings are different, so you may need to consult your instruction manual to determine how to send the file for your specific phone.

Step 5

Send the file through Bluetooth to the first phone. The receiving device will alert you when it has received the file.

Between a Phone and a Computer

Step 1

Buy Bluetooth hardware for your computer if your computer is not already equipped with such hardware. A Bluetooth adapter for your computer usually comes as an external USB adapter or a PC card. To check whether your computer already has Bluetooth hardware, go to the Control Panel in your PC and find the Network menu. If Bluetooth is not listed as an option under this menu, you will probably need an external adapter to connect via Bluetooth to your computer.

Step 2

Install related Bluetooth software and drivers for your computer if necessary. This can often be found on the hardware manufacturer's website.

Step 3

Locate the Bluetooth device that you wish to connect and transfer files with on your computer. Connect your two devices through Bluetooth.

Step 4

Find the file that you wish to send on one device, and use the Send through Bluetooth option to send the file to the other device. The receiving device will alert you when it has received the file.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth-enabled phone and/or computer

  • Bluetooth software

  • Bluetooth adapter (optional)


The time that it takes to send a file through Bluetooth between the two devices may vary depending on how large your file is, so be patient and wait for the file to completely finish its transfer.

Some Bluetooth devices are password protected, so you may need to enter a valid password when connecting the two devices.

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