How to Report a YouTube Channel

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Some YouTube channels may contain inappropriate content.

Google's YouTube video service is an ever popular source of videos for entertainment, education and every other purpose under the sun. Since YouTube videos are contributed by users, some videos are bound to break copyright-infringement laws or contain questionable content. You can report an offending video channel by flagging the videos on the channel and by filling out Google's YouTube abuse report form.


Step 1

Open your Web browser and navigate to the video channel that you want to report.

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Step 2

Click the "Flag" icon underneath each offending video to report that they are inappropriate.


Step 3

Select a reason that each video is inappropriate from the drop-down list and click "Flag This Video."

Step 4

Open a new tab, and then copy and paste the following address in the address bar:


Step 5

Click the "Report abuse" radio button and click "Continue."


Step 6

Click the radio button that corresponds to the issue that you would like to report, and then click "Continue."


Step 7

Read the instructions regarding additional steps that you should take to report the video. The instructions are different for each type of video issue. Most issues require nothing more than the flagging procedure that you've already performed, but for more serious issues such as "Hateful Content," you must complete an additional form to report the violation.



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