How to Reset an HP Printer

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How to Reset an HP Printer
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If you need to return your Hewlett Packard-laser printer to its default settings, you can reset the printer to do this. These printers also contain non-volatile random access memory--NVRAM--that keeps all information in the memory even if you turn the power off. It is possible to cold-reset the printer, and you can also reset the NVRAM if you need to erase the memory. This process varies depending on the type of printer you have,


Step 1

Hold down on the large green "Go" button while the printer is still on. This only works on the 1100 and 1200 printers; turn the power off first before resetting all other models. To reset the NVRAM, hold down on the "Go" button for 20 seconds while turning the printer back on.

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Step 2

Turn the 2200 model on while holding down on the "Go" button and wait for the "Attention" light to come on, then release the button and look for the device lights to cycle around. Hold the button until the "Ready" and "Go" lights also come on to reset the NVRAM.


Step 3

Hold down the red "Cancel" button with the 2100 model off and turn it back on. Release the "Cancel" button once the LED lights come on. This resets both the printer and the NVRAM together.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Reset" button near the back of a 5P or 6P printer as you turn on the power. Holding it for less than 20 seconds resets the printer only. Holding it for longer than that resets the NVRAM, too.

Step 5

Turn on a printer whose number is between 2300 and 4300, hold the "Checkmark" button once the memory count starts and wait for the LEDs to come on full-time. Use the "Up" and "Down" keys to bring up the "Cold Reset" option on the display and press "Checkmark" once more.


Step 6

Power up the printer while holding the "Online" or "Go" button if you have an older printer with a display. This includes 4000, 4100, 8000 and the 5SI printer.