How to Scan in Digital Channels on a Sylvania 19 inch Digital Tuner TV

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Program digital stations into your television set.

Sylvania is a company that produces televisions and other electronic products. Although several different models are available in 19 inches, all have the same menu interface. This allows you to adjust the content on the TV exactly the same as you would a previous Sylvania television or one of a larger screen size. If you have just connected a digital antenna, cable or satellite receiver to the TV you need to scan the hardware in order to lock the stations into the television.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the Sylvania 19-inch television's remote control, then choose "Channel."

Step 2

Highlight "Cable/Antenna" then select the option you have connected to the TV (satellite goes under the "Cable" setting).

Step 3

Scroll down (using the down directional button on the remote control) and choose "Auto Program." Press "OK" and the television scans the Sylvania 19-inch television's reception, saving all of the available stations into the memory of the TV.

Step 4

Push "Menu" to exit from the Sylvania 19-inch menu, once the programming has finished.