How to Sell Beauty Products Online

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Sell Beauty Products Online

If you have a passion for beauty products and want to sell them online, you have two options: you can sell them individually on sites such as and or you may choose to open your own store. There are a number of advantages to opening your own beauty products online store, such as the freedom to design and manage your store how you see fit. EBay offers stores, but you won't have the same freedom as you would if you opened your own store. EBay can offer you much more visibility than many of options.


Step 1

Visit Sally Beauty Supply online (see link below) and evaluate the website. Determine what you like and don't like about the site. If you decide to open your own online store, shoot for that level of professionalism.

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Step 2

Choose an E-commerce site to host your website, if you decide not to go with eBay. offers an entire package that includes your domain name, shopping cart and web hosting, and starts at $19.95. is another E-commerce site that offers packages for as little as $29.95 (you will need to purchase your own domain name). Both of these sites offer business email addresses, website templates (and the ability to use your own design), marketing tools, accounting tools, data feeds, Google AdWords coupons, the ability to create coupons or newsletters for your store and the ability to accept a number of different payment methods, such as Paypal, Google Checkout and credit cards. allows you to pick and choose the services you need, such as a domain name or shopping cart. Web hosting starts at $4.99. If you aren't familiar with SEO and online selling, an all inclusive site such as may be the way to go. and offer a free 30-day trial. is a hosting site that allows you to operate your store for free. However, you won't have an exclusive domain name and your URL will be lengthy. This is important because a shorter URL such as is easier to identify than one that includes the hosting site's name and additional information, such as



Step 3

Design a catchy name and logo for your website or eBay account. Then create an About Me page that includes a brief bio about you and your business, such as how you began selling products and the types of products you offer. Create a Shipping and Returns page for your online store, or a Shipping and Returns policy, if you opt to sell through eBay. If you open an online store, create a Privacy Notice page that tells your customers how you intend to use and safeguard their personal information.


Step 4

Visit (see link below) to purchase wholesale hair styling tools such as dryers, curling irons and combs. Visit or call (800) 448-8347 to purchase hair products by Osis, J Beverly Hills, Fudge Retail, Dermorganic, I.C.O.N, BC HairTherapy, BC Sun and Benniefactor. Sometimes you can find much better deals just by taking advantage of sales or discounted items, versus buying wholesale. To find these deals, visit to find discounts on nail care, hair products, cosmetics, appliances, fragrances and bath care. See the link below. Don't forget to check eBay for greatly reduced overstock items. Also check out Wal-Mart's clearance section and Ross for reduced beauty products.


Step 5

Utilize SEO in your beauty product listings. Whether you sell on eBay or via your own website, having the right keywords ensures that your products will come up in relevant searches. Include information such as brand names, amount and special considerations. Take great pictures or use clear images for your products.



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