How to Switch the SIM Card on a Metro PCS Phone

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Metro PCS is a nationwide cellular phone provider in the United States. It offers a number of different phones and services plans, all on a set monthly bill. Although its phones come in a wide variety of styles and models, the procedure for how to switch the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card on a Metro PCS phone is relatively simple. The main thing to check before switching your SIM is that you have any old information on your SIM card saved to your Metro PCS phone before switching.


Step 1

Save any information stored on your Metro PCS phone SIM card to your phone memory. This will enable you to keep your old numbers and information. This may already be done for you. Check in the "Options" for your "Phone book" or "Contacts" and ensure that the "Save Conacts to Phone Memory" option is selected. If it is not, select it. Open a contact. Select "Options" or "More" from the view screen, depending on your phone model. Select the option to save the number to your phone memory. You may be able to select all your contacts at one time and do this, rather than having to do it individually.


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Step 2

Power off your Metro PCS phone by pressing the "Power" or "Off" button until the phone shuts down.

Step 3

Open the back of the phone.

Step 4

Remove the battery.


Step 5

Remove the Metro PCS SIM card. The SIM card is a small piece of plastic, about 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 inch high. It may be branded with the Metro PCS logo or name. Slide the card out of the slot carefully. There may be a SIM holder that first must be lifted up out of the way before you can remove the card.



Step 6

Insert the new SIM into the back of the phone. Press the cover closed if present. Replace the battery and back cover.

Step 7

Power up the Metro PCS phone.



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