How to Transfer Text Messages From a Cell Phone to a PC

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How to Transfer Text Messages From a Cell Phone to a PC
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Transferring text messages from your cell phone to a personal computer is a simple task that only requires a few minutes of your time and the proper equipment to complete properly. Transferring text messages to your PC requires that you have both a smartphone (or phone that can access both the Internet and email) and a text message plan. Without both of these vital components, the process is simply not possible. While it may sound like a difficult task to complete, it is simple with the proper instructions.


Step 1

Turn on your cell phone and allow the main page to fully load. Navigate to the "Text Message" area of your phone and load the text message that you want to transfer to your PC. Highlight the text message and select "Copy" from the available menu. Close the text message section of your phone.

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Step 2

Load the "Email" component of your cell phone. Compose a new message and direct the message to an email address that you control as the recipient. This email address can even be the same address that you are using to send the message if you only have one account. In the subject text box, type "Texts" or something similar so that you know what the message contains when you open it. Select "Paste" from the available menu to enter the text into the message. Press "Send" to send the message.


Step 3

Load your email account on your personal computer and click on the message that you just sent yourself. Highlight the information in the email and go to "File" from the top menu and click "Copy." Open a word processing program and click "File" and "Paste" to copy the information to the new file. Once the text is on screen, click "File" and "Save" from the top menu. Name the file appropriately and click "Save" at the bottom of the window. Repeat this process for as many text messages as you want to save.

Things You'll Need

  • Smartphone/cell phone with Internet capacities

  • Text message plan