How to Troubleshoot a Nortel Network Phone

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Troubleshooting your Nortel IP networking phone can correct many different issues.

Nortel provides networking phones and devices that make managing internal extensions and external lines simple and quick. Nortel IP Phones come in a large variety of selections to meet all of your networking needs. Unfortunately, there may be times that you are unable to make or receive calls or the device may freeze and run slower than normal. Troubleshooting the device can identify the problem and locate a solution for restoring service. The good news is these troubleshooting steps work for many different problems with the Nortel device and are easy to complete.


Step 1

Make sure all incoming and outgoing lines are correctly installed, including the wall jack. Check for a dial tone.

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Step 2

Place a test call to an internal extension and an external line. Verify active telephone service with your service provider. Ask your provider about any known outages or problems affecting local telephone service.


Step 3

Reset the telephone's connection and network settings. Take the handset off of the networking console. Then, unplug the main telephone line from the console and leave undone for 30 seconds. Return the handset to the console and plug the line back in. Check for a dial tone. This is a type of "power shock" that resets the phone's connection and network settings on the provider's end.


Step 4

Reset the Nortel IP device back to the original factory settings. Pick up the handset and dial " * * Renew". Immediately follow with the MAC address. The MAC address is a Media Access Control address provided along with your Nortel networking device. You should hear a dial tone signaling the reset was complete. Any personalized settings will need to be applied again.

Step 5

Visit a Nortel servicing store. Bring your Nortel device and any attachments with you so an agent can troubleshoot internal problems.


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