How to Turn Off Comcast Show Reminders

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Comcast cable boxes offer a show reminder function that displays an alert when a selected show is about to start. The reminders are easy to set up and turn off from the TV listings screen with your Comcast cable remote control.


Step 1

Press the "Guide" button on the Comcast remote control to open the TV guide main menu.


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Step 2

Navigate through the TV listing menu to find the show with a reminder you want to remove. Shows which have a set reminder are marked with a bell icon in the show's title listing.


Step 3

Highlight the show then press "OK / Select."


Step 4

Press the "Info" button on the Comcast remote to open the show's program information page. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the "Remind" icon, which is shaped like a bell. Press "OK / Select." The reminder banner will appear.


Step 5

Select "Don't Remind" from the Banner's list of choices. Press "OK/Select." Press "Exit" to close the cable guide.


If you failed to turn off the reminder before it was scheduled to appear, you can get rid of it after it has appeared on the screen by pressing the “Exit” button on the remote control.