How to Unlock Cell Phones Using a Laptop

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Many wireless providers lock the cell phones they distribute with their wireless plans in an effort to keep their customers loyal to the company. The electronic lock on the cell phone keeps customers from using the phone with other wireless providers. There are a variety of ways to unlock the phone, whether it is paying for an unlock code or visiting a cellular store to see if you can convince an employee to unlock it for free. However, by utilizing an Internet connection and a laptop, a cell phone can quickly and easily be unlocked for free.


Step 1

Type "Unlock Phone" in the search bar at (see Resources). Scroll through the results and click on "Smart DCT-4 Code Calculator." Follow the on-screen instructions to download the program file and then surf to the file on your desktop and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

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Step 2

Start the "DCT-4 Code Calculator" program, turn off your phone and take out the battery. Enter the 15-digit IMEI number from beneath the battery into the search field labeled "IMEI" in the DCT Code Calculator program. Choose the appropriate "Country and Service Provider" and then click "Calculate Unlock Codes."


Step 3

Take out the SIM card from the back slot of your phone, reinsert the battery and turn the phone on. Type in the codes in the list until you see "Code Restriction Off." Once the phone works, you can reinsert the SIM card and use the phone as normal.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop

  • Internet connection


You only have five attempts to get the unlock code right. After that, you will need to visit a cellular store to get the phone unlocked by a phone technician.


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